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Monday, March 30, 2009

Warning...big belly!

Only about 5 weeks left, so I thought you may want to see how humongous I am. I never took pictures like this when I was prego before. Instead I stayed covered up (maybe because it was sooo cold in MN!). While Sophie loved getting her photo taken, Sam wanted to do Kung Fu moves. Sorry, I left those shots out of the slide show.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful Elena! You are beaming with so much love and confidence. Your prince will be here in no time and we are all looking forward to meeting him. XOXOXO

  2. Hey, your legs look skinny :) Just think this is the last month of your life (because I know you)that you can look down and not see your toes! Enjoy these last few weeks, you look awesome.


  3. These photos are awesome Elena!!! You will cherish them for a long time I'm sure.

  4. You look great Elena- are you having a c-section or no?? I have about 7 weeks, can't wait to share our experiences!


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