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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New cousin named Jose

For those of you who read my earlier posts, you may remember a post showing a picture of my sister in law. We were both pregnant at the same time, but she was due about 3 weeks after me. She had her baby a few days prior to us arriving in MN, so we actually caught her still in the hospital the day we arrived. Baby Josephine was born very healthy with a great set of lungs! She is adorable and we are so excited about the new member of our family. When we put both of the babies together on the bed, they started swatting at each other. Ding, Ding, Round 1 of Baby Boxing!


We landed in Minnesota safe and sound. Sam and Sophie did great, as did Sylas. Sylas slept pretty much the entire flight with of course a few milky breaks. I am so behind in blogging, just a few days ago I finally had access to the internet. The pictures above are from the day prior to our trip. I thought, why not put my infant in the pool? He loved it, and slept very well after his water initiation.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome Bennett!

I'm so happy to announce the birth of Bennett Patrick on May 22, 2009 (exactly one month after Sylas). I found his mom, Adrienne, through the wonderful world of blogging. She also had a prenatal diagnosis of D.S. about the same time that I did. After he was born, he did not have to go to the NICU, and was able to be discharged home with Adrienne. He is the sweetest little boy! Her blog is .

Watch out he's a rolling baby!

Hmm... I've had enough of this "tummy time"

One, two, three, ROLL!

Much better. Rolling is overrated, can we work on crawling?


Sylas rolled over on Memorial Day. I actually missed the first roll because I was putting away dishes! He did it a few more times to appease his cheering fans. People look at me like I'm delusional when I tell them, but he really did it!

Memorial Day Memories

On Memorial Day we had the pleasure of having our new friends, Dennis, Debbie, and their daughter Tiana visit. Tiana is 4 yrs old and is absolutely adorable. Tiana has Down syndrome, and I am fortunate to have met Debbie while I was researching on the internet. She has a wonderful blog called I am so lucky to have met Debbie, she has answered all of my many questions, given me books, and all sorts of other information that has been extremely helpful. Thank you Debbie!

"Oh where oh where has my Grannie Annie gone..."


I have so much to post, I don't know where to start. We have been so busy with getting ready to fly to MN and the final weeks of school for the kids. Sam and Sophie have their last day of school tomorrow, and then the following day we leave for MN. AHHH! Anyway, it has been an exciting past few weeks. First of all, Grandma Annie who had stayed with us for about 1 1/2 mths, returned to MN. We were sad to see her go but in a few days we will see her again! The day after she left, Lola our dog missed her walking partner and was on the couch depressed all day (see picture). No she is not suppose to be on the couch, but oh well I felt bad for the poor girl.