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Monday, June 1, 2009

Watch out he's a rolling baby!

Hmm... I've had enough of this "tummy time"

One, two, three, ROLL!

Much better. Rolling is overrated, can we work on crawling?


Sylas rolled over on Memorial Day. I actually missed the first roll because I was putting away dishes! He did it a few more times to appease his cheering fans. People look at me like I'm delusional when I tell them, but he really did it!


  1. What? That's amazing! He is now officially Above Average in the rolling department! He's got an escape plan and he's ready to implement it!

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  3. We had such a great time meeting and hanging out with your family. Sylas is a true prince. And to witness him rolling over was an extra bonus! 3 Cheers for Sylas!!!

  4. That's wonderful!! When did you start tummy time? I forget when I started with my girls and my ped said she liked to wait until 4 weeks- should I start sooner??

  5. Yahoo Sylas!!! That is amazing! Great pics!

  6. I'm loving your blog and I'm so happy to have found you!! I can't wait to see Sy wearing his "i did it" tee! What a beautiful family you have and I just love your opening story. Wow- it gave me chills :)!!!


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