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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There is an organization called Reese's Rainbow in Maryland that promotes and facilitates international adoption and rescue of children with Down syndrome and children with other special needs. Today I read a posting on a DS forum, from a mom that is currently adopting a baby from Russia that has DS. She wanted to bring attention to a little girl who is currently being transferred from her orphanage to a mental institution as she is now 4 yrs old. Once the children are in an institution, their mortality rates are quite high.
Here is the info from the posting and a link to Reese's Rainbow:
This little girl really needs a family to commit to her, badly. Please have anyone you know that might be interested in adoption know about her. She can be found on She is available for international adoption. costs are 24K including travel, but 6.5K has already been raised as a grant for her adoption.

RuslanaGirl, Born January 21, 2005
Ruslana is a beautiful little girl. She has brown hair and deep brown eyes. She is already 4 and facing imminent institutionalization. The director will not be able to hold her at this point, so you would be adopting her from the institution :(
Ruslana has particularly low tone, and has not had therapy, so she is still not walking. She is very close though, and gets around quite well! She is described as a very happy and affectionate little girl who loves to play with her dolls. We all know that with therapy and focus and a loving family, she will blossom and show the world just how amazing and resilient our children really are!
She can be found under "Sponsor a Waiting Orphan", then click on "Most At Risk Children- age 3-5".

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