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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on the kiddles:

Sophie just started horseback riding lessons on Sunday. She did a fantastic job and knows how to cue the horse to go, stop, turn left and right, and trot. I hear so many people talk about how they were bucked off of a horse when they were young, never to try it again. I guess my ignorance and zippo knowledge about horses has allowed me to feel ok about Sophie trying this. Sophie's teacher is wonderful and has a daughter Sophie's age who also rides. She also learned how to groom the horse.

Sam continues with his swimming. He had a swim meet a few weeks ago and was really happy with how he swam. He improves his score by 2-3 seconds everytime. He was so embarrassed at swim practice the other day because his tight nylon swim shorts had sprung a hole in the backside, of course. That darn chlorine!

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