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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday 4/28: Sylas is almost a week old!

It has been a busy week. Sam and Sophie returned home yesterday. Grandma Annie has things under control and the kids are back in school today. We already miss them. Soon enough we will all be together. Brett's mom unexpectedly decided to fly out to visit Sylas and the kids. She arrived on Saturday and was able to spend a few days with Sam and Sophie. This morning she was up early and traveled to the hospital alone to hold Sylas for an hour prior to us arriving. He is sure a lucky little guy to have already met his loving grandmas.

This past week, Sylas has slowly improved. He has tolerated a decrease in his glucose drip and supplemental oxygen every day. Yesterday he was able to be completely weaned off the glucose! Today the doctors informed us that the cardiologist has ok'd Sylas to be discharged in the next few days. Although he will continue to be on oxygen, hopefully we will be able to successfully wean him off of it at home. We will be taught how to manage and monitor the oxygen. This is very exciting news!!

As for his heart condition, the cardiologist is concerned only about the VSD which stands for Ventricular Septal Defect. A septum is a wall that separates the right and left sides of the heart. The two lower chambers of the heart are called ventricles. A defect in the wall between the left and right ventricles is called a VSD. Sylas has a "moderate" VSD which may close on it's own or if not, it may need to be surgically repaired. However, for now it is best to follow up on it in a few months as it may not cause any impairments with his development.

Today Sylas was alert with eyes open for a majority of his feeding. He is latching on with nursing and also takes breast milk from a bottle. He smiled at Brett today when Brett kissed him on the nose. He also smiled at Grandma Kathy when she was talking to him.

Thank you to all who have sent prayers and sweet messages to us, we love and cherish you all!


  1. That's awesome. We are so happy for you guys. Looking forward to some more pictures (hint-hint). Lisa

  2. Glad to read he is doing good! Hopefully the VSD will just close on it's own- I know it happens all the time! Can't wait to hear when he can come home!

  3. That's wonderful news Elena! Thanks for keeping us updated :) Hurry home!!


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