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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello everyone- you are not going to believe this but I spelled my son's name wrong!!! Can I blame it on "pregnancy brain"? No I guess I can't plead that excuse anymore! So it is SYLAS not Silas. I posted this morning and I checked my blog this afternoon and saw my mistake. How embarrassing!


  1. Oh that's funny. We'll cut you some slack considering you did just have a baby.

  2. Ellena, Brettt, Samm, Sofie, and SYLAS,
    You're not the only one that makes mistakes-we're only human after all (ha!)
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! I'm praying that you will get to bring him home soon so you can enjoy him all to yourself. (Thanks for forcing me into 2009 and try this blog thing for the first time!)
    Love ya! Linda

  3. Congratulations, Elena and Brett! He's beautiful and so lucky to have you as such amazing parents! I'll pray that he adjusts quickly to his new outside world and join the rest of you soon!! Take great care!

    Jess Bergan


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