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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

37 weeks and tired!

I am worn out! I am either sugar crashing from the jellybeans or this pregnancy is catching up to me. Today we flew over to Honolulu for another doctor's appointment. I was hooked up to all the monitering equipment and they noted a few contractions. Now I can really feel the tightening during contractions, but there is no pain. Hopefully, the pain will hold off for a few more weeks! The fetal monitering doctor wanted me to come back in a few days to be monitered again. Good grief, no thank you! Fortunately for me, my OB felt it was unnecessary. Next week I have another appointment, then we will be renting a place to stay in Oahu until the baby is born so they can moniter me as much as their hearts desire.


  1. Oh you're so close!! Can't wait to hear when your little one arrives! I hope you can remain some what comfortable until then!!

  2. Aloha Elena!
    Chin up girlfriend, your prince will be here before you know it (Tiana came 3.5 wks early). Can't wait to meet him and the rest of your family. Please keep me posted on your status and would love to visit as soon as you are up to it :) XOXO


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