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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Almost there! 38 Weeks and a bit of drama

Yesterday we arrived in Oahu and checked into our hotel. We got to the hospital just in time for my non-stress test. They decided to do the quick ultrasound first to check the level of amniotic fluid. The u/s technician found that my fluid level had dropped from a 19 to a 9 from last week. She did the test a second time and then seemed to become more concerned about something else she found. She told me that I would probably have to go to a different room for another u/s and that she would show these results to the doctor. No other information and she was gone. I started to freak out but kept under control. Then guess who comes in.... the radiology doctor from the original 20 week u/s who found the markers! Remember the one with the not so positive bedside manners? Brett's face turned red and I think steam started coming out of his ears. Well to make a long story a bit shorter, this doctor ended up asking me if I knew the baby had chromosomal anomalies and if I could tell him what they were! AHHHH! After a few emotional words, it was determined that he had been called in prematurely. The technician must have gotten all excited that she had seen something on the u/s and that I needed to be told that there was something wrong with my baby. I guess no one bothered to check my handy dandy medical chart. Professionalism at its best!
After seeing my OB, the conclusion was that my amniotic sac may be slowly leaking but has not broken, fluid levels are ok, dilated to about 3cm, and contracting irregularly. An emotionally charged morning, but as Brett said "now you have something to write in your blog"!
Last night we went out for Indian food. It was really weird not having the kiddos around. I must take advantage of that "weird" feeling because soon I will have 3 kiddos around! It is about 4:30am right now and I have been up multiple times during the night. The contractions must be getting stronger or maybe I want to "nest". Thank goodness I am not at home or I would probably be down on the floor scrubbing it.


  1. Uggh! I can't believe the tech didn't check your chart! And then the doctor too-very unprofessional! Sounds like things could be happening any day now! I hope all stays well with your fluid levels. I start those NST's next week- what fun! Hang in there!

  2. I can only begin to imagine how you must have felt having to listen to his voice again. Our situation was similar (prenatal diagnosis) and I would not have hesitated in telling the doctor to leave. Best wishes to you and Brett, enjoy this time alone with eachother. XO


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