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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a new heading at the top of my blog. My blog friend Adrienne (she is mom to Bennett who is Sylas' age and also has DS; her blog is created it for me and it features one of my favorite pictures of the kids. Thanks Adrienne!

Sophie and Sam had been wanting another sibling for quite awhile prior to Sylas coming into the picture. As soon as Sophie could talk, she would ask for a baby sister (or a baby brother if a baby sister was not available). When we first told them that I was pregnant, Sophie piped up, "Well, if it is a girl baby, I will take care of it; if it is a boy baby, then Sam will".

Now that Sylas is here, they fuss over Sylas nonstop. Today I was mentioning how Sylas wants to nurse all of the time and how I really need a break. Unknown to me, Sophie went over to the freezer, took out a bottle of frozen breastmilk, and then proceeded to find a bottle and the proper nipple. About an hour later, I noticed this all sitting on the table and I wondered who the magical milk fairy was. Sophie was even prepared to feed Sylas herself, but unfortunately she had a cold today so perhaps tomorrow!

Sam wants Sylas to sleep with him at night. I have a feeling that when Sylas is older, he will crawl into his big brother's bed at night. I wonder if I will have to remind Sam of what he wished for.
God must have made Sophie and Sam for Sylas, and Sylas for Sam and Sophie. They are all so different, but a perfect fit for each other.


  1. Love the picture of all three of them at the top of your page....good job Adrienne!! And how cute that Sophie was all ready to feed Sylas!!! And what great curls she has!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Glad to hear from you--and see that you're back to blogging! I've checked every so often over the summer and was getting a little worried! But from the beautiful pictures and videos I can see that Sylas is growing beautifully (and the older two as well!).

    I can't believe Sylas is eating food already! What a big boy! And listening to your husband talk to Sylas brings me back to when Hannah was a baby. Sylas is so engaged and interacting with his Daddy! That's great!

  3. that is a great picture of the three of them:) what cute children you two have:) i too can't believe his is already eating food, that is so wonderful. Sylas looks like he is doing so great, what a handsome little man you have on your hands. i look forward to following your blog:)


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