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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kitties, kitties, and more kitties

On Thursday Sylas had his first PT appointment. The therapist came out to our house, and taught me some great ways to assist Sylas developmentally. I will write more on this in an upcoming post, I want to include a few pictures, so for get to read about kitties!
Today we visited a cat rescue and sanctuary called 9th Life Hawaii ( Earlier in the year we had visited, and they had just rescued more than 125 tiny kittens from the humane society as these kittens were too small to be considered adoptable and thus would have been euthanized. The kids were excited to see how the kittens had grown and how many had been adopted. Sam had started a fundraiser this summer and saved money to donate. We are in awe of the hard work this non-profit rescue does. They hold Spay/Neuter clinics which have now sterilized over 1,600 cats on the island. In order to reach as many cats as possible, the service is provided by donation or free if a hardship. This is a huge step in the right direction to controlling the "out of control" cat population.
The following video shows Sam entertaining the cats, he has SEVEN cats captivated by a ball toy. It is probably a blessing that our dog likes to eat cats, otherwise we would have ended up taking all seven sweet kitties home with us! *Grandma K., we know you will love this video, ha, ha.

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  1. That's always my excuse too, when our 3 yr old asks for a kitty, mouse, turtle, etc... "Nope, the dogs will eat them." Although a week or so ago, she replied, "then lets find a new home for the dogs!"


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