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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009 (belated)

Growing up in WI/MN, I always planned for a chilly Halloween, complete with wearing a winter jacket under or over the Halloween costume of choice. So these days, living in 80 degree weather, the Halloween preparations have indeed changed. Now the goal is a cool cool costume. I couldn't put Sylas in one of those fuzzy baby costumes without cooking him. Instead I decided on a black onsie (with a little devil character on it that says "come to the dark side, we have cookies") and a spiky hairdo. Sophie dressed as a veterinarian, and Sam as "Cool Cat" the mascot of his favorite restaurant. On Friday, their school started the day with a Halloween parade, so after we rushed around that morning feeding breakfast, getting on costumes, finding cameras,..... I dressed little Sylas and got out the hair glue. A little glue here, a little glue there, spike, spike, ok ready to go. Well, we arrived at school, and the humidity had unglued Sylas' hairdo. Of course, he still looked cute and we had a fabulous time watching Sam, Sophie, and all the kids marching around the school.

Getting the pumpkin. I'll take the cute pumpkin with orange stripes! This is the same farm we went to last year. It is located on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean. We are quite high up and the temperature is cooler here. As we looked down on the spectacular view, we saw goats grazing and the farm's strawberry patch. Beautiful!

Grandma, Grandpa, the kids, and a not so scary witch.

Side view of the rock star hairdo...

Happy Halloween!

Sam and Sophie marched in a Keiki Parade (kid's parade) on Saturday. After the parade we noticed a Halloween rainbow crossing the sky. There must be a bag of Halloween candy at the end of it!

Trick or treating with a human "bush". The bush was actually the father of Sam's friend! Way to have Halloween spirit! Check out Sam's hamburger. "Cool Cat" carries a hamburger around, so I found this rubber dog toy hamburger at the pet store. I could not believe how thrilled I was to find it.

The fun-filled day unfortunately ended on a sad note. Sophie's hand was slammed in the car door by who else but her guilt-ridden mother. So, so, so sad, but all fingers were intact. Whew! I don't like even thinking about it.

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween, I have enjoyed all of your Halloween pictures!


  1. I love Sylas' hair! Elijah's hair has this large comb over section and the rest is really short. We may have to start spiking it!

  2. Great pics! Sylas looks so cute-love his hair!

  3. could he be any cuter? I covet babies w/hair, LOL! Parker is growing the smallest amount! Just found your blog, looking forward to getting to know you better and traveling this journey with new friends!

  4. Oh my gosh he's getting cuter and cuter by the day! I have your phone number right here handy. I'll give you a call soon :)!

  5. Oh my goodness is Sylas every terribly cute! He looks cuddly even with that spiky hair! Hope all is well otherwise. Take great care!



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