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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Update

Man, how do all the blogging moms out there do it? Everyday I think of something that I just MUST blog about, but it never reaches my blog! I have started a notebook where I jot down quotes, web addresses, articles, and ideas that I want to someday blog about....someday.

Quick update on Sylas: Had a speech eval last week. His therapist is passionate/informative/bright and I think she will be a great fit for Sylas (and me :)). She will be working on Sylas with feeding issues as well as early speech development. I asked about ideas to decrease the amount of cereal Sylas pushes out of his mouth during feeding. She suggested using the spoon to push down gently on his tongue, and then tip the spoon to the side and let the cereal fall off into the side of his mouth. This does seem to be working better, however, yesterday he started "sucking" on the cereal once it was in his mouth. It was like he was nursing but without the breast! I am guessing that this probably is not an effective way to eat cereal, so I am ready with yet another question for the therapist.

Cardiologist: We trekked over to the other side of the island for a visit with the cardiologist who comes to our island only once every 4 months. I was lucky enough to secure a spot for Sylas, and I guess I was expecting Sylas would have an echocardiogram or something time consuming. The doctor came in and asked how Sylas was doing, then proceeded to listen to his heart and lungs, said that everything sounded good, and that was that in less than 10 minutes! We need to follow up in 6 months.


  1. So happy to hear that his heart is well, and that you're liking, or thinking you will like the speech therapist!!

    My little guy goes in for his 2week app tomorrow and the doc is going to set up his echocardiogram and hopefully tell me some other stuff! I'm sorta lost in all this right now.

  2. Yay for a good heart!!! I don't know how other mom's keep up with bloggin either. If for nobody else, I would love to keep mine updated so I can look back and reflect...but time continues to slip away from me!

    In regards to oral motor development, I learned a lot by attending a Talk Tools seminar. It was so informative and really explained the challenges of low muscle tone and gave tips and ideas on how to promote proper oral development. You can google Talk Tools to find their website and get more info. Ask your speech therapist as well. I think of all the things I'm concerned about for Landon's development - that is the biggest. I have no doubt that he'll walk and run, but I want him to be able to effectively communicate with others as he grows and I know that is often a challenge for our chromosomally enhanced friends.

  3. Isn't it crazy what a doctor can hear? At our last appt, same sort of thing, but post surgery. The cardiologist listened and then said, well, I hear he still has a bit of pulminary hypertension, keep the oxygen at night.
    I also just read on another blog (we don't have a lot of therapy yet), that the more upright a baby sits, the less tongue thrust they have while eating...


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