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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Adrienne at created this button that you can click on and it will direct you to the National Down Syndrome Society website:


This month, many communities are having "Buddy Walks" that involve building a team for your child, finding sponsors, and then walking on the day of the event. The Buddy Walk was created in 1995 to promote acceptance and inclusion of those with D.S. It not only raises awareness and financial support for DS programs, but it also is a day that brings together many old and new friends. Unfortunately, there are not any Buddy Walks scheduled for Hawaii. Sylas is my inspiration to be involved with planning a Buddy Walk here for next year....I will keep you posted!


  1. As this is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, thought I’d pass along an easy way to help raise awareness: check out this short video -- -- about the aha moment of father of a child with Down Syndrome who learned what you can do with challenges. If you like his story, click to vote for him, as the top vote getters in the contest will be aha moment TV commercials next year. More media exposure around Down Syndrome awareness would be a very good thing, so spread the word if you can. This round of voting ends Oct 15, so vote early and often!


  2. Wow - what a task - we'll cheer you on from afar. There was a second time walk up north of us that had about 350 participants this year, up from 4 families their first year. Good luck!


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