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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shots and Smiles

Sylas and I made the unpleasant trip to the doctor a few days ago for immunizations. I squeezed in my monthly visit to Cosco and Walmart before the doctor appointment, so Sylas was probably ready to head home...poor thing! I was very anxious for the shots (you'd think I was getting them) because it is the hardest thing watching your sweet baby get unexpectedly stabbed in the thigh with a needle. He started to cry but as soon as I swept him up in my arms, he stopped. RELIEF! In the smiling picture of Sylas, you can see his little bandaid.

Yesterday, we volunteered to help with it's Spay/Neuter day. Everyone got up early and headed to the meeting spot. Sam and Sophie helped us load 20 cats from various owners into our van, then Brett made the hour trip up to the cat sanctuary. They were fixed, and following recovery they were reloaded and Brett drove them back. Let me tell you, this was quite the experience for Brett. About 400 cats (both feral and household pets) will be spay/neutered over 3-4 days. A generous vet donated his time, resulting in a huge impact on the island's crazy cat population!


  1. i have a really hard time with max getting his shots too:( -- but we got to be strong for our little kiddos:)

  2. Sylas is getting so big!!! I still feel bad when they have to give Adam shots, or take blood :( !!!!

    What a great service project!! I remember when we were in Hawaii ( 12 long years ago!!!) and wild cats running around like squirrels do here in MN, it was crazy!!!

  3. Hi Elena - thanks for introducing yourself on my blog! Your family is so beautiful! I have enjoyed reading a bit about you and looking at all of your pictures!

    Sylas is such a cutie!

  4. Monica-
    There are actually no squirrels in Maui, so you are right, the cats do kinda replace them. Thus, the roadkill is cats. :(

  5. Glad Sylas forgave the world once you scooped him up! I don't like shots one tiny bit.

    That's amazing that you had all those cats in your van--that's a wonderful thing to do! I think I'd worry that I'd forget one or two, or deliver them to the wrong owner!


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