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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Flying by at Five months

Sylas turned 5 months last week! These months have been flying by so quickly, I really can't describe how I feel about that. Happiness and excitement for all he has accomplished, love for his sweet smiles and giggles, anticipation for what lies ahead, desire to enjoy every moment and for time to slow down, hope that I am doing the best I can as a mom....I could go on and on. I look into Sylas' deep blue eyes and I smile while thinking about how lucky I am to have him.

You may be wondering what Sylas is up to these days. Well, let me tell you!

*He is smiling, laughing(I hope you saw my post on that), not just hee, hee laughing, but outright "I can't breath!" laughing.

*He seems to be taking in everything around him. He loves to listen to books, sister/brother talking to him, music, ect. He is amused by Sam/Sophie dance parties and when the dog licks his face (gross, I know). He is tolerable of going in the pool and always sleeps well after.

*His neck and trunk strength is making huge gains lately. When he holds up his head in sitting, he usually has a big smile on his face because he can see things from a different perspective and must like it. The picture is of Sylas in his stroller, I just recently changed it from the fully reclined position. Not a newborn anymore!

*He is still rolling over occasionally, but in the past few days he has been initiating it more on his own. He tries to propel himself forward when he is on his stomach by lifting up his bottom, but that heavy head just gets in the way!

*He is a LOUD talker! Every morning at 5am he wakes me up with his very loud "oohing, gooing, and ahhooing". I try to ignore it, but seriously, it is too disruptive to sleep through. Nursing him of course quiets him, but I do believe that is considered positive reinforcement. :)
Hmmm..I wonder what I will be posting for month 6?


  1. Happy 5 months Sylas!! Time does go by way too fast. Landon is fast approaching 20 months and I can't believe that much time has passed already. Not only is time flying, but it seems to be speeding up!!

  2. Happy 5 months to Sylas! It's going way too fast Elena! He looks like such a big boy in that stroller.

  3. Happy 5 months, Sylas!! You are continuing to amaze everyone. Before you know it, you will be making big messes for you momma just like Ella does!!!:)

  4. happy 5 months:) i can wait to read what your up to next month:) keep working hard little man:)

  5. happy 5 months. I love that he wakes up so happy. Isn't that amazing. My little one does it too-not so early though. lol:)

  6. He is a little cutie! And you are right to give him that positive reinforcement for talking up a storm :-)


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