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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are home!

We are home! I can't believe how time flies! Sylas was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday afternoon, but we were not able to fly home until Friday morning at 6am because of regulations with Sylas's oxygen and the airline. We got home just in time to attend Sam and Sophie's May Day festivities at school.
I have been having problems with the slideshows that I downloaded. Last night when I checked the blog, the last two slideshows were gone! Today they seem to be there, so I hope you have been able to see them.
The following slideshow shows pictures of us preparing to leave the hospital. After Sylas was discharge from the NICU, he was transferred to the transition unit. The hospital is Kapiolani Women and Children's and was named after Queen Kapiolani. One of the slides show a picture of her. Sylas did great traveling home on the airplane. It was my first time riding in a prop. plane and I was a bit nervous but it was not going to stop me from getting Sylas home! We took the first plane out on Friday at 6 am, so we got up at around 3:30am. No problem, we were up anyway for Sylas's early breakfast! The final picture is Sylas relaxing in our hotel room. It was actually nice to have a few days to get used to Sylas before returning to our crazy routine at home.


  1. So happy for you and your family!! You look great by the way!

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