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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Here on the island, Easter is quite different for us. This holiday is not filled with extended family and our home is not filled with Easter decor (other than plastic and homemade Easter eggs). Very different than our experiences in MN...but not different in a good or bad way, just different.
Grandma Annie was visiting the two weeks prior to Easter, and initiated many impromptu Easter egg hunts with empty plastic eggs around the house. The kids would take turns hiding the eggs inside of the house, the game never seemed to get old. Here is a picture of my mom and Sylas cuddling after his bath:
In Minnesota, the kids always enjoyed going over to Grandma Moo Moo's house for her special Easter egg hunt. This year she sent the kids Easter goodies in the mail. They LOVE opening packages, especially packages with candy!
On Saturday, we were invited over to a friend's house to see her beautiful decorations. Our friend told us that she had a personal contact with the Easter Bunny and that he had made a special visit to bring them baskets.
Sure enough, after following the little stone road, they came upon their surprise.

Sophie's good friend and her sister were also invited...they always have a delightful (sometimes mischievous time together:)). Did you notice the 4th cute bunny?

Our friend also has 2 pet turtles, and Sam (the turtle lover) was thrilled to hold one.

Sylas had a great time and fell asleep...see top picture!

That afternoon, we got out the eggs, Paas kits and this is after we blew out and dyed the eggs:

On Easter Day, we decided to do "our traditional"worship service under our big tree in the front yard. Picture from last year:

Happy Easter!



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