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Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodbye warm, hello cold


I have not blogged much lately, we have been in the travel mode and are now in the cold state of MN (For all you football fans, Go Vikings!). We really debated this year whether to return for the holidays. I feel as if we are in a bubble in HI, protected from all this yucky flu that has been creating havoc for all. I started an autoimmune booster and hand washing regimen with the family a few weeks ago, and I even tried to have Sophie and Sylas wear a mask on the plane. That was not exactly successful (the mask). So far no one is sick, except Sylas who was sick two weeks prior to us leaving. He still has a pesky congested cough, but no pneumonia.

Have I adjusted to the freezing cold? NO. It took me 3 days to leave the house.

The first picture above is a few days before our trip. We went to an annual fundraiser for Sam and Sophie's school. Brett made a comment about how long it took me to get ready. Yes, I actually took the time to shower, shave all the unwanted (and unnoticed, most days) hair, blow dry/style the front AND the back of my hair, put make-up on (not just lip gloss and mascara while in the parking lot of my destination), attempt multiple times to clasp a bracelet on my wrist, etc. After all my "high maintenance", we left the children with a sitter and had a fabulous evening!

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